Apply for a Credit Card Banks are reluctant to lend to those who have not taken out a loan in the past! You need to apply for a credit card first if you want them to know that you will repay the loan on time.

Use an Unsecured Card Another technique for using an unsecured credit card! This means that your card must be used by family members. Then credit card usage will increase. The result can be an increase in credit score. 

No more cards Using more credit cards can have an impact on your credit score. So use the card you already have for your needs without applying for more cards. 

Use frequently Credit agencies will consider your score if you use a credit card frequently. Give a good rating. Use the card at least once a month. 

Keep the Limit Credit Limit is important. Credit bureaus look into this. Look at the balance-to-limit ratio. Make sure the credit ratio is between 30 and 40 percent. 

Make Payments Regularly credit card companies give your financial information to credit bureaus. Late payments can have an impact on your credit score. Make payments regularly to prevent that from happening.

Apply to Secure after one year Credit report will be generated six months after using the credit card. If you want a secured credit card, you need to make sure your credit history is good for the year.

Long Term EMIs It is advisable to opt for a longer term if you ever take out a loan. Then your EMI will be lower. Be able to make payments on time. Paying EMIs regularly will increase your credit score. 

Fixed card usage cannot create history overnight. Frequent use, proper use of money, and minimum use of arnels per year will increase the credit score. Sometimes it takes longer. 

 Increasing your credit score can be easy if you consider these nine factors.