Avoid these 7 mistakes while doing yoga

 Regular practice of yoga helps in keeping physically and mentally healthy. But doing yoga can benefit our body only when it is practiced properly.

 There are many such asanas of yoga, the practice of which cures diseases like sugar, constipation. But it is very important to take care of some basic things before practicing yoga.

 Today we will tell you about those mistakes, which should be avoided during yoga practice.

Doing yoga without warming up can hurt you. To warm up, you should do exercises like jumping rope, walking, stretching.

 In some yoga postures, one has to hold the breath for some time, but do not make the mistake of holding the breath in every asana.

Do not eat food immediately after doing yoga. Doing this can give you stomach pain.

Do not drink water while doing yoga. This will make it difficult for you to do yoga and will also harm your health.

 Avoid taking a bath immediately after doing yoga. Doing this can cause pain in the body, because the body remains warm after doing yoga.

 Doing yoga stretches the body. That's why wearing too tight clothes can cause problems for you.

 If you are very tired, then do not do yoga at all. Doing so can result in muscle strain.