These 5 things will melt belly fat, include them in the diet

 In today's time, most of the people want that their enlarged stomach should be reduced.

 If one takes the right diet and maintains a healthy lifestyle, then belly fat can be reduced.

Eating certain types of food can reduce appetite by up to 60 percent which can help in reducing belly fat.

 Experts believe that the best way to reduce body fat or extra fat is to drink plenty of water.

 According to research, exercising daily and eating thermogenic foods can help in melting fat.

Thermogenic foods help in promoting metabolism and calorie burning by increasing the thermogenesis process.

Thermogenesis is the process in which the body burns calories to use the food eaten.

Red or green chili, black pepper, ginger, coconut oil, protein foods help in reducing fat.

Foods that increase the thermogenic process and burn calories are called thermogenic food.

 To reduce belly fat, also eat protein foods as they reduce hunger by 60 percent.