Lots of benefits if walking is done fast

Compared to regular walking .. there are a lot of benefits to walking at speed.

 Compared to walking, walking at a faster rate melts fat faster and slows down the aging process. 

When doing brisk walking you need to walk fast so that not only the legs but the whole body moves. Only then will the correct result be available.

 Brisk walking strengthens the heart muscle. In addition to heart problems, BP, sugar and cholesterol levels are also under control.

 Walking fast releases happy hormones called endorphins from the body. This will help you to avoid problems like stress, depression and anxiety.

Brisk walking makes the bones firmer. Bone and joint problems decrease with age.

 Immunity increases with brisk walking. Common ailments and infections can be easily encountered. 

 Walking fast increases lungs capacity. Oxygen levels in the blood increase. Can keep the lungs healthy.